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Last Updated: March 7, 2010

When you start to see aspects from the Sims creeping into your real life it’s a safe bet that you probably spend way too much time in the game. See how many of the below affect you, you’d be surprised at how many might already apply!

  1. You describe your mood in terms of Plumb bob colours
  2. You talk to your partner about WooHooing at some point in the future.
  3. You use the game to give your children a SexEd lesson
  4. You feel amazed when you can go out of your house to the shops without a loading screen.
  5. You don’t understand it when people say that they can’t have your house built in about one hour’s time.
  6. You notice the absence of a cloud filled with colourful punctuation marks when you fight somebody.
  7. You don’t stargaze due to the risk of alien abduction if you use a telescope, or falling Satellites without one.
  8. You look for the plus sign about somebody’s head when you chat to them.
  9. You also look for the thinking bubble coming out of their head saying whether they find you ‘Okay, Sociable or Friendly’
  10. You discribe people in terms of five traits – Sims traits!
  11. You plan to automatically deny that you ever married your spouse once they have passed on.
  12. You spend 40 minutes in the shower every day, then 30 minutes on the toilet
  13. You shake your keys at the car but don’t understand why you haven’t automatically appeared at the wheel.
  14. If somebody in the family is a professional chef, you feel really smug whenever you walk past the fridge.
  15. You never, EVER get bored of repeats of things on the TV. In fact, you don’t even realise they are repeats. You gain just as much satisfaction every time!
  16. When you happen to walk through a churchyard, you look at each stone to see how many lifetime happiness points were earned and what the cause of death was.
  17. You wonder why you even need doctors when midwives would suffice. After all, the only time you ever go to hospital is to give birth, right?
  18. The threats that you mumble under your breath at your worst enemies are things such as ‘I’m going to lock lock you in a room, remove the door and start a fire” or “I’m going to push you into a swimming pool and build walls around it.”
  19. If somebody tells a really good joke, you are still laughing about it until three hours later when the feeling stops immediately.
  20. If you work in Business, you go to your boss, demanding a raise of £/$750 for each and every meeting you do!
  21. If you go out somewhere, looking for a new partner, you scope the room for candidates but are startled that not one person in the room glows a dazzling white! (Inspired by Mystic)
  22. You scratch your head in wonder when you try and get a massive three seater sofa through a small door and it won’t fit. Why are they even moving it? ‘Can’t they just plonk it in?’ you think
  23. Your car speedometer doesn’t give a reading in Miles or kilometres per hour, but instead tells you whether you are going at speed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. And no matter how fast you are, you’re never over or under the limit
  24. You fully believe, and won’t be told otherwise, that an astronaut can head off on a mission into space at 9:00 and do loads of high-paid, useful work and be back by 3:00 the next morning.
  25. You stop by your local graveyard at midnight in the hope of catching a deathfish. Even if there is no water at the graveyard. To people who wonder why you have a fishing rod at a cemetery, you simply mutter ‘the spawner is close. CLOSE I SAY!’
  26. And finally, your ultimate plot to kill your nemesis was to crash the computer, urinate on the floor around it and ask them to repair it. You went around the corner and wait for the sizzle and scream that meant electrocution

Hope you found this funny. Leave a comment to show your appreciation, and I’ll be sure to add any good ideas to the list.

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    Emma says:


  2. #2
    Sammy says:

    This is awesome! I only got one of them though(10)…ha, ha.

  3. #3
    charlie says:

    Hilarious espicialy the last one

  4. #4
    Jennifer says:

    im gonna do part of #18!!!!! lol and this was hilarious

  5. #5
    Wallis says:

    Very, very funny. The only one I ever do would be #10.

  6. #6
    christina says:


  7. This is pretty funny(: I like the one about the death threats(: Hehehe(:

  8. im 10 and 15! funny stuff

  9. #9
    lilly says:

    im number 12!!!! lolll

  10. #10
    coolgirl says:

    another one is that when your learning a skill such as painting or gardening, you look up and are surprised to find there is not a blue bar hovering over your head and steadily growing your skill

  11. #11
    Fatima says:

    I’m a great simmer I had my own cheats to get rich in one night in sims2.
    now I have bought sims 3 and somehow I’ve found my own cheats in that too but they’re not much but really easy and by the way I have all these signs and

  12. #12
    Fatima says:

    and one more thing I have
    1 4 8 9 10 15 18
    alot more things I don’t remember right now
    loved it

  13. #13
    aliah says:

    that was totaly awsome Fatima!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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