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Last Updated: April 24, 2009

news_cheatcopyscam1The Sims 3 has long been one of the most eagerly anticipated titles on the PC, and will remain so until it finally hits shelves across the globe at the start of June 2009, and when a simulation game is wanted as much as The Sims 3 is, so are cheats and codes for it!

Since The Sims 3 was first announced, quite literally years ago now, cheats and codes websites all over the internet began creating pages for The Sims 3 cheats, despite knowing full well that these cheats did not yet exist and were certainly not going to be confirmed any time soon if they did happen to guess some which would eventually prove to be correct and genuine.

Why do they do this? Simply to gain an early advantage when it comes to search engines, and people who begin searching for The Sims 3 cheats early just out of curiosity, or perhaps in anticipation of what is just around the corner when their beloved game arrives. And strangely enough they stumble across these fabricated cheats – because once one website publishes them, others begin to follow suit trying to avoid being left behind in the race for those all important search engine rankings!

It’s very unusual for genuine cheats to be released for a game any earlier than one to two weeks prior to it’s release date, but The Sims 3 is not a normal game by any means!

As The Sims 3 is a simulation game driven largely by content created by fans from it’s long established community, events such as the Creators Camp earlier this year gave the lucky few a chance to try out some old cheats, just to see if they worked. And they did!

We can confirm that some cheats which will be very familiar to The Sims fans will be making a comeback in The Sims 3. Visit our The Sims 3 cheats section for more information, and new The Sims 3 cheats and The Sims 3 codes as they are revealed.

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    Jay says:

    Cheats completely spoil the fun of the game, not only if they are used, but just by their presence. That’s because if you want to try to take time and strategy, etc., to make accomplishments in the game without cheating, you are going to know the whole time that you could get the same effect by cheating, much quicker. So what’s the point, you think, of putting forward the patience and thought of playing without cheats. It would be another story if the game did something like make a record in your game file if you used a cheat. Even something as simple as a window you could open from one of the game menus that included the info “cheat enabled” or “no cheat enabled,” or better yet, a list of the cheats that were used and the number of times they were used. That way, not cheating would mean that the game acknowledges that you did not cheat, and so the non-cheater’s achievements have meaning. Quite frankly, I’m trying to see if the game has something like that–if it does not, I’m not going to bother getting it, since playing it would be no fun for me.

  2. to max motives all u have to do is
    testingcheatsenabled true
    then drag your mouse over on the bar(motives or needs) and bring them all the way up same with skills

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    Kay says:

    Get Spore, then, Jay. You get a certain badge if you cheat, and you never get it if you don’t.

    Don’t take cheats personally. What would be the point of having a window that says whether someone cheats or not? In a game like The Sims, it really doesn’t matter, as there isn’t much competition between players. It’s great that you want to show your integrity, but simply not buying a game because it doesn’t flaunt it for you is simply rediculous.

    Let’s be realistic, here. You can’t claim that everyone cheats in order to not have any challenge. People film things with The Sims… try to have a family run by animals… etc, etc, and they don’t want to be held down. They’re creating their own challenges.

    TL DR; No one would play a game if they don’t have fun. Sometimes people like to cheat to have fun. Don’t play it if it makes you unhappy.

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  5. Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

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    Hottie wit a sexii boddie says:

    I thought the article was very entertaining and you need to update! I am saving this site to my favorites! lolz. bye! =) <3

  7. i figured out a way for ur kids to not go to school if u want to know just say it and i will tell

  8. How to not make kids go to skool? Also, Paige, i’ve tried moving the skill bars up with testingcheatsenabled true but it hasnt ever worked for me. HEEELLP PLZ!

  9. I like the sims 3 game it is so cool!!!!!

  10. #10
    Azhs says:

    Ur able to not make your kids go to skol!!! What is the cheat! I must know!! :) )

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    Christy says:

    How can i make 2 sims have sex in the bed?

  12. a informative great post by the author looking forward to visit more very soon.

  13. Maybe you should change the blog name title The Sims 3 Cheats | Sims 3 Cheats | Sims 3 Website.com to something more better for your webpage you make. I enjoyed the blog post still.

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    simaddict101 says:

    To fill motives in sims 3 use testingcheatsenabled true then shift-click the mailbox and select “Make needs static.” Then resume your game. All the sims in your active household’s need bars will fill up completely. You can use this to help improve skills: I made a sim get to level 10 in athletic skill in a sim day by using this cheat. Happy simming ;) !

  15. to stop kids going to school, you delete the school. testingcheatsenabled true, shift+click on the school, press the option delete.

  16. #16
    love sims says:

    please tell how you make ur sims not go 2 school!!1

  17. I love the sims it is so cool and i love the cheat *motherlode* you get lots of money woot woot woop woop!!! And Does any one know the no blur cheat plz comment below if known thanx!!!! *$PEACE$*

  18. Instead of just doing that cheat testingcheatsenabled for the school to be gone just go to edit town and bulldoze it its that simple *$PEACE$*

  19. OMG my first time ever playing this sims game and I think it’s a blast hey everyone I love my fans out there keep listning to my songs,
    Love Selena Gomez

  20. The cheats help alot guys and Mclinnawesome I love that.Funny name everyone love your names haha i can’t believe i can talk to you guys listen to my song A Year Without Rain thats one of my faves love you all.,
    Love Selena Gomez

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    lilly says:

    cheats are very useful. but i understand what people mean by “cheats are annoying” and stuff like that. its cuz sometimes you want to enjoy the game and EARN your money and EARN friendship but not use cheats. it kind off makes the game fast forward. on the other hand, they can be very useful, especially for those people who think they have their pockets filled with dust and want more simoleans. maybe they think they have a horrible life and want it to be CRANCKED up alittle. i guess everyone has their own opinion on cheats.

    the sims 3 made cheats so that it could attract their buyers into thinkinh “i wont need to earn my money by wasting time going to work. i could just use motherlode cheat!”

    anyway thanks and this website is very useful! :)

  22. The stuff is incredibly useful

  23. Wow, stunning website. Thnx ..

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