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Last Updated: July 4, 2009

Dr.Pepper in The Sims 3Recently it was announced that Electronic Arts and Dr Pepper have entered into a multi-million dollar marketing agreement which will see exclusive Dr Pepper downloadable content making appearances in various Electronic Arts video game titles.

It was confirmed that The Sims 3 would be the first Electronic Arts title to benefit from this agreement which was perhaps the obvious choice for both companies – but this will not occur until early 2010.

When the time comes, Dr Pepper related downloads are expected to be added to The Sims 3 Store on the official The Sims 3 website. Despite being added to the store, the items are expected to be free of charge and not sold in exchange for Sim Points – the currency used to purchase items from the store by The Sims 3 owners.

Also some unlockable downloads are expected to be made available too, which will only be accessible by obtaining codes from special promotional Dr Pepper cans and packs before entering them online to receive the downloads.

What kind of downloads we will see exactly remains to be seen, but perhaps the most likely would be a Dr Pepper vending machine! We would expect to see some kind of Dr Pepper cooler/refridgerator, too, amongst the exclusive downloads.

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    Genie1221 says:

    Very interesting. I expect we will see tee-shirts with the Dr. Pepper logo for all sims to wear. I wonder if our sims will be able to sing the “I’m a Pepper…” song while doing the ‘Pepper’ dance down the street like in the old commercials. LOL

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    coolgirl says:

    oh boy how great! now our sim kids can get hopped up on Dr. pepper stay up all night drink more Dr. pepper bounce off the walls and eventually cause the sim parents to ask us to drown them.Yay

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