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featuressims3neighbourhood1The Sims 3 boasts a new breed of neighbourhood – neighbourhoods like we have never seen before in The Sims series, or any other simulation title.

The sense of community you feel in The Sims 3 neighbourhoods is fantastic, as it really feels like a living, breathing town as you play in more ways than one. In The Sims 3, the neighbourhood opens up and becomes a real part of your game play experience as you are able to bypass many of the hideous loading screens and move from one place to another in no time at all.

This particular feature of The Sims 3 is being dubbed the “seemless neighbourhood”, and there is no better description for it. Here are some details about The Sims 3 neighbourhoods.

Seemless Neighbourhoods
In The Sims 3 your sims can pay flying visits to your neighbours simply by walking from their own lot. Your sims can also walk to other lots such as parks and shops without those intrusive loading screens we saw in The Sims 2.

Living Neighbours
As you play as your chosen sim or sims in The Sims 3, other sims around you will continue living their lives in real-time as if you were there. They will get jobs, get married, fall out and perhaps even die as you and your playable sims go about your own business. In The Sims 3 life no longer sits still for everybody else as one playable family moves on.

Number of Neighbourhoods
The Sims 3 will have just one active neighbourhood when you begin your game. A tool will be made available by Electronic Arts for players to create their own neighbourhoods which can then of course be used in The Sims 3 game.

Lots in Neighbourhoods
The neighbourhood that is playable from the start in The Sims 3 will have approximately 90 lots. It is understood that you will have the ability to delete, edit or add lots as you wish just like in The Sims 2, as well as choose whether the lots are to be treated as residential lots or community lots.

Downloadable Content
As expected you will be able to download all kinds of content to use in your The Sims 3 game. This includes neighbourhoods and towns created by other people.

Building Types
There will be two kinds of buildings visible in The Sims 3 neighbourhoods. The standard lots which allow you to create buildings of our own, for your sims to live or work in. Also there will be ready made buildings that act as decoration in a way, but your sims will be able to enter as they go about town and will emerge from again later. You can choose which ‘un-playable’ buildings to have in your neighbourhoods simply by dragging and dropping them in.

Confirmed Community Lots
The Sims 3 has a number of confirmed community lots already. The Sims 3 will feature a pool, a gym, a park,  a bistro, an art gallery, a library, a clothes store, a city hall and a book store from the start.

Neighbourhood Stories
The neighbourhood stories featured in The Sims 3 are a prequal to those seen in the original The Sims games, so you can expect to see some familiar faces, only younger.

15 Responses

  1. #1
    sapphire says:

    my sims 3 keeps crashing!!!!

  2. no clothes store,might wanna change that!

  3. #3
    Bianca N. says:

    I was just about to say that I have not seen a clothing store.
    They also have a Warehouse, School, Fishing Place, Juice Bar and much more.

  4. #4
    Ryan.l says:

    how do i down lode this

  5. #5
    Sophie M says:

    They dont have a clothes store because all you have to do is click on a wardrobe and click plan outfit

  6. #6
    Perm says:

    So, apparently, it said that you should be allowed to make your own ‘neighbourhood’.

    “Number of Neighbourhoods
    The Sims 3 will have just one active neighbourhood when you begin your game. ‘A tool will be made available by Electronic Arts for players to create their own neighbourhoods which can then of course be used in The Sims 3 game.’”

    Can someone kindly explain this detail further than what I’ve just understood. Since evidently, no I CANNOT MAKE MY OWN DAMN NEIGHBOURHOOD.

  7. #7
    caitlin0770 says:

    you shold put lots of new towns coz i like to have a few new towns and also a couple more of new baby stuff coz i also like babys furniture

  8. #8
    cassie says:

    you can’t make a town yet cuz’ they are still making the tool and once it is ready they’ll put it on… I THINK THATS RIGHT??!!

  9. #9
    katlic says:

    hay does anyone know what is the cheat to unlock commercial buildings for editing is??

  10. #10
    Stacy says:


    You can go download the tool from the official website – it’s called Worlds Creator or something like that.

    IMO, Sims 2 is so much better than 3 -_-

  11. #11
    miah says:

    hey peeps their is no clothing store!duhduhduhduhduhduh

  12. #12
    leo says:

    u hav to download a seperate neighbourhood maker off the Sims 3 website

  13. #13
    JJGIRL12 says:

    How do you delete a neighbor hood on sims 3 i dont know how to and the extra neighbor hoos that were downloads are crap and it just takes up space can someone tell how you delete them?
    Oh and P.S ive read that you just press the ‘delete’ button but i can’t find that. if you know please tell me
    thz :)

  14. #14
    JJGIRL12 says:

    Sorry bout the spelling errors :P

  15. #15
    lilly says:

    i like the sims 3 very much. im going to get it on my birthday! (25th of march) i cant wait but ive got one question.

    .can you be someone in the neigbour hood instead og creating a sim?
    .is their cheats?
    .is the build mode better than the sims 2?


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