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    The Sims 3 on FacebookSims 3 Website.com are now on Facebook! Traditional newsletters are okay, but we think you deserve better so that is exactly what we have decided to give you.

    Instead of receiving a bland, boring email which might not even reach you because of those pesky spam filters which always throw out the wrong stuff – we are giving you a Sims 3 Website.com Facebook page!

    Our new Facebook page allows you to declare yourself a fan of Sims 3 Website.com, and in turn you are informed of any updates we make the very moment you sign in to your Facebook account.

    Our Facebook page contains everything you will ever need to stay upto date with both Sims 3 Website.com, and of course The Sims 3 itself! Whether it is new screenshots, videos, news articles or random updates about the game we all love so dearly, we will keep you informed both here on our website and also via our Facebook page.

    It is the only way to make sure you never miss a single thing about The Sims 3, what could be more reassuring than that! Simply follow the link below to declare yourself a fan of Sims 3 Website.com on Facebook to begin receiving your regular updates. We’ll see you there!

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